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Connie Allen

We are delighted to share an update on our recent experience with Connie, one of our newest members of SALA.
Connie visited SALA on March 7th, and we were thrilled to meet her and discuss our mission and goals with her.
Although her husband, David, was unable to join her on this occasion, we were pleased to see Connie’s enthusiasm and interest in our project. We took the opportunity to share with her the importance of community involvement in achieving our mission of making SALA programs and facilities accessible to all.
During our conversation with Connie, we were impressed by her warmth and kindness. She showed genuine interest in our project. We are grateful for her decision to become a Friend of SALA. We are excited to continue seeing her and David in our community as well.
At SALA, we are committed to fostering a strong sense of community and promoting positive change. We recognize the important role that each of our members plays in making this possible, and we value their contributions greatly. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting our mission of creating a welcoming, inclusive event center that brings people together and enriches our community.

“Connie and David: We want to give you a warmly welcome! Your support will help us achieve our mission! We are grateful for your decision to join us, together, we will make a difference in our community.”

Sala Team

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