Vip member Kevin Holsapple As a person responsible for outreach and networking, Kevin’s efforts have been instrumental in expanding this project’s reach and building meaningful connections with potential partners and supporters. His ability to connect with people and convey the project’s objectives and goals effectively has been critical in gaining support for our cause. Thank […]


Sala member David Reagor We would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to David for his generosity and support in our project SALA. His contributions have been instrumental and will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the success of the Event Center. We truly appreciate his commitment and willingness to help […]

Connie Allen

Sala member Connie Allen We are delighted to share an update on our recent experience with Connie, one of our newest members of SALA. Connie visited SALA on March 7th, and we were thrilled to meet her and discuss our mission and goals with her. Although her husband, David, was unable to join her on […]

SALA’s Gala Event – A Night of Food, Film, and Fun!

Special Events SALA’s Gala Event – A Night of Food, Film, and Fun!: “Casablanca” February 25th, Los Alamos NM The SALA Gala Event at the newly renovated theater Social Center was a huge success, showcasing the endless possibilities of community gatherings at SALA Event Center. Attendees enjoyed a night of food, film, and fun in […]