SALA Non-Profit Partnership Program (SNPPP):

From our very inception, SALA has been dedicated to uplifting non-profit organizations by providing them with a 10% discount to access our facilities for events that enrich our entire community. These events, tailored to diverse age groups and needs, hold immense value as they directly contribute to the missions of these non-profits and play a pivotal role in their vital fundraising efforts. We are profoundly grateful to our members for their instrumental support in bringing these initiatives to life.

But now, we’re taking our commitment to the next level, solidifying SALA as a true community-driven enterprise. As part of your membership, you can contribute even more to our community through the SALA Non-profit Partnership Program (SNPPP).

What is SNPPP?

SNPPP is an initiative that allows you to directly support local non-profits through your membership. It’s a program that credits $10 per month or $120 per year from your membership fee to a non-profit of your choice, enabling them to access any of our services and facilities.

How SNPPP Works

As a SALA member, your entertainment experience is poised to take on a new dimension:

  • Membership: For just $50 a month (or $600 annually), you’ll continue to enjoy all the benefits of SALA. Your membership not only supports our vision but also fuels our operations and enhances our entertainment and events, which you can access for free.

  • Choose a Non-Profit: With SNPPP, you’ll have the opportunity to select a local non-profit organization that you wish to support.

  • Notification to Non-Profits: Upon your selection, we’ll promptly notify the chosen non-profit, making them aware of the accumulated credits. Additionally, we’ll extend an invitation, walking them through the manifold ways they can utilize these credits to benefit their cause.

  • Non-Profit Credits: Each month, $10 (or $120 per year) from your membership fee will be credited to your chosen non-profit. These credits will accumulate over time.

  • Credits in Action: These credits will empower non-profits to utilize SALA’s premium space for a wide range of activities, including theater rentals, event hosting, fundraising efforts, club meetings, field trips, educational programs, movie nights, and more. These credits can even be exchanged for rental space, passes, advertising, popcorn, and other amenities to raise funds through silent auctions. By doing so, non-profits can amplify their outreach, strengthen community bonds, and increase awareness of their vital work.

This way, non-profits not only enjoy a 10% discount from us but also utilize the accumulated credits, sometimes even for free. It’s a powerful way to drive positive change in our community, and we invite you to join us in this endeavor through your SALA membership.

Standard Membership - $50 per Month

Join SALA as a Standard Member for $50 per month and enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to movies and events ($15 value).
  • Bring a guest for free on every visit ($15 value).
  • Complimentary small popcorn during each visit ($4 value).
  • Free soda with each movie viewing ($4 value).
  • Priority notifications about special events and premieres.
  • Contribution to the SALA Non-profit Partnership Program (SNPPP) – $10 per month.
  • Access to exclusive members-only special events at a cost of around $20.
  • Partner with SALA in fulfilling our mission – Priceless.

Exclusive Yearly Membership - $600 per Year

Upgrade to our Exclusive Yearly Membership at $600 per year and get all the Standard Membership benefits, plus:

  • An exclusive SALA reusable drink cup.
  • An exclusive SALA large popcorn bucket.
  • One private 2-hour rental included for your special events.
  • Contribution to the SALA Non-profit Partnership Program (SNPPP) – $120 per year.
  • Access to exclusive members-only special events at a cost of around $20.