SALA at Los Alamos ScienceFest Discovery Day 2023

SALA is delighted to participate in this year’s Los Alamos ScienceFest Discovery Day on Saturday, July 8th. Continuing the ScienceFest’s proud tradition of celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) subjects, we’ve collaborated with regional artists and technology companies to bring you a range of exciting exhibits under the title: “Enter the World of Immersive Experience”.

The digital age has heralded impressive advancements in the areas of data visualization and virtual reality, and we’re thrilled to give festival-goers the opportunity to engage with interactive demonstrations at SALA.

Enter the World of Immersive Experience

On Discovery Day, the SALA Event Center, located a short walk away from Ashley Pond, invites you to “Enter the World of Immersive Experience” with a range of VR and immersive experience exhibits, running from 9 am to 2 pm.


In the face of increasing wildfires, a novel technology has emerged that leverages the power of visualization, simulations, and data analysis to strategize fire management. SimTable will demonstrate 3D interactive simulations used by firefighters and resource managers.  Not only do the simulations rely on official data resources, but they also tap into the data provided by regular citizens from imagery, GPS, and other data from cell phones.  Simtable has been used to model the spread of the COVID-19 virus, simulate evacuation scenarios for large events, and in military applications.


SciVista will demonstrate technology that is poised to redefine how people interact with complex information in virtual reality. Their demo will take you inside a fusion reactor in virtual reality.  Their VR platform, SummitVR™ is designed to integrate three-dimensional data into virtual reality, and is being used by National Labs, Universities, Engineers, and other large industries for collaborative, immersive, and interactive data visualization. 

Francesca Samsel

Francesca Samsel, Visualization Researcher with the Texas Advanced Computing Center(ATAC), and her husband Greg Abram, also of ATAC will use an Oculus headset to demonstrate a VR modeling and visualization of marine macroalgae biofuels research performed by LANL scientist Phillip Wolfram. Francesca is a guest scientist at LANL working with climate modeling and research teams helping them understand, humanize and communicate their science. Her work to assist scientists is driven by their need to see greater detail and interdependent relationships within the ever-expanding massive data sets they produce.


We’re also excited to unveil our newly acquired LUMOplay system, an interactive platform that makes any digital display come alive. 

Experience the power of interactive digital displays with LUMOplay. This software platform, driven by sensor tracking movements, gestures, or touch, offers a world of games, educational apps, and interactive visualizations.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Don't miss our continuous screenings of short films about VR technology and scientific visualization in one of SALA's theaters. Experience firsthand the fascinating visualizations of climate change science carried out at LANL and other National Laboratories.

Win Big with SALA

Drop by our exhibits for a chance to win free movie passes. Register for the draw, with winners notified after the event.

Event Details

Date & Time: Saturday, July 8, 2023, 9 am to 2 pm Location: SALA Event Center, Ashley Pond Park, Admission: Free Join us at SALA Event Center this Discovery Day and explore the incredible potential of modern technology!

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