The Friends of SALA are the individuals responsible for shaping and directing the programming for SALA.
Friends of SALA is a community project that follows a clear objective- showing and hosting events that its Friends want to gather for. We have developed a process for our Friends to share their ideas through a questionnaire, targeted surveys, and focus groups for specific audiences. We will be sharing what we are learning with our Friends so you will understand how your inputs are affecting our decisions.


Memberships provide SALA with much-needed financial support to cover costs of operations, renovations, community events and rental support for local non-profits. With their contributions, members are helping to create a vibrant place with exciting and fun activities for all. Their funds will be used to schedule, fund, and promote weekly events that otherwise would not have been possible in Los Alamos. As a member they will also have unlimited access to all new movies and special events that come through SALA’s facilities.


Becoming a friend means you can provide feedback on the center's activities through online surveys and focus groups, as well as have your say on what types of special events get put on.


Members can enjoy unlimited access to all SALA special events, including new movies and have the ability to reserve tickets in advance. This membership helps fund our events and renovations which would not be possible without the support of our members.


VIP is an annual pass that allows theater lovers and community supporters to access unlimited movies and special events. Along with this access, a VIP membership includes one private event per year, as well as a reusable SALA bucket and cup.

$ 50
per month
$ 600
per year
Friends of SALA
Advance booking
Get your tickets early for all of our events and movies before they go on sale to the public.
Unlimited Pass
Unlimited individual pass to new movies and SALA E
Reusable Bucket & Cup
Private Event
Discount on concessions, tickets, passes, reservations and membership
Free Guest Passes

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We are accepting Donations

We are gladly accepting one-time donations for the purpose of renovating the Los Alamos Event Center. All donations, no matter the size, will make a difference in our mission to revitalize this beloved community space. Thank you for your generous contribution!