Unite with Us: Become a SALA Member

When the Reel Deal theater closed, our community felt a void. Determined to bring life back, Sammi Owens and Allan Saenz transformed an empty space into the thriving SALA Event Center, celebrating movies, events, and the spirit of Los Alamos.

Your membership is more than just access to entertainment; it’s a partnership. Stand with Sammi, Allan, and other local residents who believe in the importance of local businesses and community spaces.

Your support helps us operate and keep the doors open.

Be part of the legacy. Become a member and ensure SALA’s bright future.

Exclusive Entertainment & Perks for SALA Members

As a SALA member, you play an integral role in our mission: to continuously bring top-notch entertainment to our community. This isn’t just any venue; it’s your space where we curate experiences, especially for you.

  • Dive into an array of movies and events with unlimited access, valued at $15 per visit.
  • Make memories together: invite a guest at no additional cost for every outing, a value of $15 per visit.
  • Savor a complimentary small popcorn with each movie, adding value of $4 to your experience.
  • Quench your thirst: a refreshing soda is on the house with every film, worth $4.
  • Be the first in line with priority notifications for special events and premieres.
  • Exclusive Events for SALA Members, showcasing our commitment to providing our members with unique experiences.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases, including movie punch passes and rentals.

Make an Impact with SNPPP

By joining SALA, not only do you unlock exclusive entertainment, but you also power positive change. Your membership enables us to extend a 10% facility discount to non-profits, amplifying their reach and mission. Additionally, with the SALA Non-profit Partnership Program (SNPPP), your commitment directly aids your chosen non-profit, magnifying the community impact even further.

How It Works:

  1. Membership Allocation: When you become a member, $10 of your monthly membership or an annual sum of $120 gets set aside as credits, dedicated to a local non-profit organization of your choice.
  2. Notification to Non-Profits: Upon your selection, we’ll promptly notify the chosen non-profit, making them aware of the accumulated credits. Additionally, we’ll extend an invitation, walking them through the many ways they can utilize these credits to benefit their cause.
  3. Credits in Action: These credits grant non-profits the liberty to harness SALA’s luxurious space for an array of purposes:
    • Theater bookings for exclusive screenings or fundraisers
    • Hosting community events or club gatherings
    • Organizing field trips, educational sessions, or movie nights
    • And much more…

Boost Non-Profits with SNPPP!
Turn your movie nights into community support. Learn about more about SNPPP. 

For Non-Profits:

Join SNPPP – It’s Free!
Expand your impact with SALA. Discover how SNPPP can help.

Priceless Partnership

As a SALA member, you’re not just a patron; you’re a vital partner in our mission. Your membership isn’t just about money; it’s an investment in the heart of Los Alamos. It provides the crucial financial support that keeps our facilities thriving—SALA relies on memberships to operate.

The funds from memberships are the lifeblood of SALA. They enable us to organize, fund, and promote a diverse range of weekly events that breathe life into Los Alamos’ cultural scene. From the latest Hollywood releases to enriching community gatherings, these events thrive thanks to our dedicated members.

By becoming a member, you actively contribute to keeping our doors open, enhancing our community, and fulfilling our mission of community-driven entertainment. You’re also instrumental in realizing our vision, including our exciting Phase 2 project—a cutting-edge immersive 360-degree space.

Additionally, your membership helps us maintain affordable ticket prices, concessions, and rental fees for everyone. Your support ensures that entertainment and community engagement remain accessible to all.

Ready to make an impact? Join SALA today for $50 per month or a one-time payment of $600 per year. Become a part of something extraordinary!

Standard Membership - $50 per Month

Join SALA as a Standard Member for $50 per month and enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to movies and events ($15 value).
  • Bring a guest for free on every visit ($15 value).
  • Complimentary small popcorn during each visit ($4 value).
  • Free soda with each movie viewing ($4 value).
  • Priority invitations to about special events and premieres.
  • Contribution to the SALA Non-profit Partnership Program (SNPPP) – $10 per month.
  • Access to exclusive members-only special events.
  • Partner with SALA in fulfilling our mission – Priceless.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases, including movie punch passes and rentals.

VIP Yearly Membership - $600 per Year

Upgrade to our VIP Yearly Membership at $600 per year and get all the Standard Membership benefits, plus:

  • An exclusive SALA reusable drink cup.
  • An exclusive SALA large popcorn bucket.
  • One private 2-hour rental included for your special events.
  • Contribution to the SALA Non-profit Partnership Program (SNPPP) – $120 per year.
  • Access to exclusive members-only special events.