Frequently Asked Questions

What is SALA?

Ever since the Reel Deal Theater abruptly closed its doors in 2019, Los Alamos residents have wondered what will happen to the vacant theater complex. SALA Event Center is a theater reimagined from the ground up. We are pushing the limits of what you might consider a“Movie Theater”, meshing old and new ideas to provide a community event space for all Los Alamos residents to enjoy.

What does “SALA” stand for or mean?

SALA is not an acronym- its unique name comes from the Spanish word for “living room”. The remodeled complex will serve you as a unique meeting place to meet, eat, and play with friends and family. It is pronounced sah-lah.

What is SALA’s vision for its future?

Each of the four theaters is undergoing a unique renovation, each serving a distinct purpose for our community. The lobby and The Reel Theater will be the first renovations to be available at our opening date.

How will SALA be different from the Reel Deal Theater?

Reel Deal Theater and SALA Event Center are so different that it might be easier to start with the few things we have in common. SALA will be showing first-run movies in one of the theaters. SALA will have concessions, soda, and popcorn for sale in the lobby as well as hot food including pizza and empanadas. We also think it is vital to host community events such as the Backcountry Film Festival with PEEC and Midnight Movies for high school students, the way Reel Deal did in the past. And that’s where the similarities end! Our plans include live theater, musical performances, and streamed events. No more arcade games or waiting in line to buy tickets. We will use a membership program, host novel events, and shape our program around community needs.

Why would I go to a theater when I can pretty much watch anything I want to at home via streaming?

The “theater experience” has become indistinguishable from home theater, which is why we invite you to reimagine what it means to go to SALA Event Center. Theater popcorn, movie premiers, and meeting with friends are only a small part of this experience. We have added classic movies, live performances, and 

Who owns and manages SALA?

SALA is owned and managed by local entrepreneur Allan Saenz with the help of a few local friends that have joined to bring life to Los Alamos with the direction of our Friends of SALA

What is the “Friends of SALA”?

Friends of SALA is what we call the individuals responsible for shaping and directing the programming for SALA. The Friends of SALA program is our way of getting to know our community. Friends of SALA are incredibly important to our mission, with your contribution SALA can continue to open its doors and execute exciting events. 

How do I become a “Friend of SALA”?

We invite everyone to be a Friend of SALA. We have set up several Friends memberships that unlock the full potential of SALA, but you can also enroll as a free member by filling out the Friends of SALA questionnaire online. Paid memberships start at $20 per month and contribute to the fun events we host for our members.

What is expected of people who are “Friends of SALA”?

Friends of SALA have the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to SALA’s mission. We encourage all Friends to continue participating in our questionnaire and focus groups and use the event center as a platform for hanging out and gathering. 

Do “Friends of SALA” receive any benefits?

SALA was designed from the ground up for Friends. We have come up with four different tiers to differentiate our contributing Friends. Friends of SALA consists of Friends, Fans, Family, and VIP memberships, each with their own unique perks for you and your family to enjoy. SALA counts on the individual contributions of our paid members to create events and curate the programming for the event space. Here are the different Friends of SALA explained in detail.

Friend members enroll for free by filling out the SALA online form. Enroll today to unlock access to Friends of SALA events. Friends also receive one SALA Ticket for contributing to the concept; your first visit to SALA is on us!

Fan memberships start at $20 per month and include four SALA Tickets that refill every month. Fan memberships fund our Friends of SALA Events by pre-paying their tickets. Fans have full access to SALA Special Events as well as the opportunity to reserve tickets in advance.

Family memberships are $50 per month and come with ten SALA tickets to share with three family members. Families are welcomed to SALA Special Events and unlock the opportunity to reserve tickets in advance.

VIP is an annual pass for theater lovers. A VIP membership includes one private event, i.e. a dance party or an afternoon playing video games on the big screen. VIP members receive an exclusive SALA bucket and SALA cup upon registration that cannot be purchased otherwise. The VIP plan includes ten SALA tickets that refill at the start of each month.


 *SALA tickets are the entrance currency for attending SALA Special Events and cannot be used for first run movies. First run movie tickets can be purchased in person or online. SALA Special Event ticket pricing varies depending on the event taking place. Some SALA Special Events do not require a ticket to attend


How do I rent space at SALA for my private event? What kind of events are appropriate?

SALA Private events are booked through our website or by contacting us at (505)412-6030 or SALA lends itself to countless event types with its versatile theaters and lobby space. We welcome everything from movies, birthdays, dances, concerts, meetings, and presentations, to so much more. Reach out and book your event today.

Will SALA have a regular schedule of movies?

SALA will start showing new movies in January 2023 in one theater. We are excited to have a place in town to watch premiers- we’re particularly excited for the premier of Oppenheimer in 2023!

What health precautions will SALA be taking in this age of the pandemic?

SALA wants to ensure that your visit is as safe as it is enjoyable. We are opening in accordance with New Mexico laws and are prepared to make sanitation adjustments in accordance to updated Covid-19 protocols. Masks are not required but we ask that you think about our others when visiting. If you are feeling ill or unwell, we will happily refund your ticket so you can rest at home.

What will SALA admission prices be like?

SALA is designed for our members (see Friends of SALA) and a majority of our programming is designed specifically for Friends. First run movie tickets cannot be purchased using the tickets included in a Friends of SALA membership. SALA Special Events will be exclusive for our members and range in price depending on the event. Take a look at our SALA calendar to see if there’s an event that meets your interest. Or give us your suggestions through our Friends of SALA questionnaire.

How will I know what is going on at SALA today or in the future?

SALA’s list of events can be accessed on our website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram). However, priority is given to everyone registered as a Friend of SALA. One of the key perks of becoming a paid member is the ability to reserve your tickets ahead of time. The SALA newsletter is sent in advance, giving you an exclusive look at what will be shown.

How can I buy tickets to attend movies or events at SALA?

Movie tickets are available to purchase online at and in person at SALA. SALA tickets are cashed in at SALA and can also be purchased in person and online if you are registered as a Friend of SALA.  

Can my business/organization advertise at SALA?

SALA offers numerous advertising opportunities including movie advertising, projected ads, event sponsorships, and digital advertising. Our mission to build community through social events includes our local businesses and organizations too. Contact us at (505)412-6030 or via email at to start advertising today.

Will there be drinks and snacks at SALA?

SALA offers a number of classic concessions such as popcorn, candy, and a self serve soda fountain. Beyond concessions, we will offer Papa Murphys Pizza sold by the slice, Argentinian empanadas made by Rose Chocolatier, empanadas mad by Muy Salsas and look forward to hosting food trucks and local catering options.

Can I sponsor events/activities at SALA?

SALA’s doors are open to sponsored events and local activities- bring us an idea and we will work with you to make it happen. Popular sponsored events include Summer at the Movies, Hawk Hangout, or Midnight Movies. SALA will also make use of projection mapping to decorate the lobby for sponsored events and take advantage of modular seating to accommodate nearly any event imaginably.

Can I suggest movies or other programs for SALA to show?

Yes! SALA is open to suggestions and contributions from our Friends of SALA. Enrollment is free, all you need to do is fill out the Friends of SALA questionnaire. Make your voice heard by becoming a Friend of SALA.

Can I volunteer at SALA?

Yes, there are many options to volunteer at SALA please contact us to see opportunities to volunteer.

Will there be live music at SALA?

SALA’s Roxy Theater is designed as the perfect venue for live performances. Music and theatrical performances are welcome at SALA, keep an eye out for music events on our SALA calendar or share your suggestions by becoming a Friend. Enrollment is free, just fill out the Friends of SALA questionnaire. Together we can bring more live music to Los Alamos.

Myself and a group of my friends are World Cup fanatics. Is there any chance SALA could stream special events like this?

SALA is excited to host FIFA World Cup Matches this year- Who doesn’t love the World Cup? All 12pm fixtures will be televised at SALA. Stop by at lunch to experience the beautiful game on the big screen. All other fixtures will be recorded and will be screened at 5pm. It’s a perfect time to get friends together and watch the world’s biggest sporting event. Entrance is free for Friends of SALA, sign up today by filling out our online questionnaire.

What is an “immersive experience.”?

SALA will use a blend of Virtual Reality, Projection Mapping, and Augmented Reality to create a theater experience you can interact with. VR allows us to step into a digitally simulated world, create 3d art, solve co-operative puzzles, simulate sports… the possibilities are limitless! Keep an eye out for the final renovation, the Hill Augmented Theater.