LAHS Mtn Bike & Ecoclub Community Event

Join us on March 15th at 5 pm for a special event sponsored by LAHS Mountain Bike Club and EcoClub, aimed at fostering community engagement around environmental consciousness and biking. Titled “The Engine Inside,” this event promises to be an inspiring showcase of how cycling transcends mere transportation to become a catalyst for personal and societal change.

At “The Engine Inside,” you’ll witness the stories of six individuals from diverse backgrounds, each navigating their own daunting personal and systemic challenges. Through their journeys, you’ll discover how bicycles have become more than just a mode of transportation for them; they’ve become vehicles for empowerment, resilience, and transformation.

As these individuals share their experiences, you’ll gain insight into the profound impact that biking can have on one’s life and the world around them. From overcoming adversity to fostering a sense of community and environmental stewardship, their stories exemplify the transformative power of two wheels.

Moreover, this event serves a dual purpose: not only does it aim to inspire and unite the community around the benefits of cycling, but it also provides students with an opportunity to raise funds to support their clubs and initiatives. By participating, you’ll not only be supporting a worthy cause but also contributing to the continued success of student-led initiatives at LAHS.

So mark your calendars and join us for an evening of inspiration, empowerment, and community building at “The Engine Inside” on March 15th at 5 pm. Together, let’s pedal towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


Apr 04 2024


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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